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Combining Fun and Function to provide a comprehensive lifestyle resource

Successful Swinging


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Welcome to

Playful Travelers is where you can get all of your erotic travel information in one place. Whether you are swingers, nudists, polyamorous, or you just like to have adults only, no kids destinations where you can be your flirty, fun-loving self. We have the latest info on lifestyle and swinger cruises from Couples Cruise, Luxury Lifestyle Vacations, Bliss, and more. Or maybe you would rather kick your shoes off in a sensual resort like Desire Riviera May, Desire Pearl or Hedo.

Playful Travelers

But travel is more than the exotic destinations. Even trips in the U.S. are much more exciting if you know the clubs at your destination. Or can lodge at a lifestyle friendly (no kids!) bed and breakfast. Take a little detour to visit stateside resorts that rival those that are far away. Meet like-minded people at local Meet and Greets. Playful Travelers can help you find those local swinger clubs, lifestyle resorts and Meet and Greets. We take the guesswork out of planning a fun night out at a strange destination.

Join us for Bikers and Beaches at Desire March 29 - April 3, 2018

First time swinger motorcycle rally in Cancun
Learn more . . .

Who are Playful Couples?

There was a time when labels were clear and definite - "I am a swinger, a nudist, bi, straight, (fill in the blank)." Those times are past. People are much more complex than a label can define. 

Are you a swinger?

Many 'vanilla' couples have a single man or woman, or even the couple next door, that they like to play with. But they don't consider themselves swingers. They are very exclusive and their perception of swinging involves hookups and dogpiles. Not that there's anything wrong with hookups or dogpiles. It's just not their Margherita..

Are you kinky?

Maybe you have secretly fantasized about being tied up, giving up control for a while, but you would never let someone whip you or lead you around by a leash. Does that mean you are a slave? Maybe not. Maybe you are just a little playful.

Are you a nudist?

For many 'true' nudists, there is no sexual component to their lifestyle. We just like being free of our clothes. For some there are spiritual components to their choices. It's a family lifestyle. But it doesn't mean we want to take the kids with us everywhere we go. We still like to have fun, get away from the kids for a week or two. Be playful. It's not all about sex. It's about enjoying life. And these cruises and resorts allow us to do that.

Are you, simply, Playful?

  • Playful Couples work hard, some have kids at home or are empty-nesters. They are businessmen and women. And they know how to balance their lives.
  • Playful Couples are easy to spot - they're the ones making the most of life at every turn.
  • Playful Couples love to flirt. 
  • Playful Couples have adult conversations about sexual exploration and free expression.
  • Playful Couples are bi or straight, swingers or monogamous, nudists, polyamorous and BDSM.
  • Playful women are adored and respected by their men.
  • Some Playful people like to dance, dress in costumes and experience the Carnival atmosphere.
  • Playful people don't judge you for your particular interest. The only people they judge are judgemental people.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:


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Dream Pleasure Tours Hidden Beach nudist resort

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Couples Cruise Pool Party

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Dream Pleasure Tours Desire Pearl clothing optional resort

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Couples Cruise Swinger Playrooms

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Couples Cruise has the most exciting clothing optional cruises that we have ever been on. No kids, no pressure, just a fun time with like-minded couples.
We have booked 4 adventures with Dream Pleasure tours - group trips to Hedo and Desire clothing optional resorts - and have never been disappointed. Their attention to every detail is awesome!
Naughty in L.A. is like Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest combined. From the producers of Naughty in N'awlins. Bob and Tess really know how to throw a party!

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Party with your friends. Bringing a group gives you more fun for less money. Want to form your own group trip? Contact us.
Combining Fun and Function to provide a comprehensive lifestyle resource

Successful Swinging


Secrets and Confessions

Share YOUR secret desires