As we enter a new year and look forward to the friends we will meet and the fantasies we will fulfill, I would like to remind everyone what makes the Swinging Lifestyle so special.  Michael and I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people in this lifestyle and expanding our horizons.  We have been very lucky to meet many friends who express their sexual freedom in very different ways.  Once we opened our minds and our hearts to the differences, we experienced an explosion of fantastic fun and friends. Sadly, we have also met many who still feel that they have the right to tell others how they should feel or not feel, and how they should express themselves in sexual play.  The truth about being a sexual being is “there are no rules”,  as long as we do not harm others physically or psychologically. We are all different; having had different life experiences, and express ourselves in very different ways. 

The definition of the Lifestyle is about discovering your sexuality, whatever that means to you.  Following are a few of the magnificent diverse communities we have had the pleasure of meeting over the years and hope you find a way to have similar experiences. 

The swinging community:

So what about those swingers? What is their gig? What we have experienced from being swingers is the freedom to express ourselves sexually; in our dress, in our play and in our fantasies. Swingers are friendly, happy, well adjusted and honest. I was asked once “Why do you do that, are you two not happy?” On the contrary, swingers can swing because they are happy. They have a strong relationship with their primary partner and are only looking to enhance their relationship, never replace it.  I could share many of our experiences, like giving blow jobs for beads (why be traditional and just flash?), having my pussy shaved in public and now it is on a documentary, sharing a king bed with 8 people, and finding use for toys and food that were new to us. (I still say food is not a toy). 

It is my opinion that there are many, many couples who are swingers, but if you asked them, they would say NO!  Voyeurs for example; we know millions watch porn. This is an industry making a pot load of money.  It can not be just from single men. People enjoy watching people have sex. At a swinger’s club, in the after hours rooms’; watching is awesome because now it is 3-D. You can see, hear, smell, and if lucky be a part of all the action. If you like to show off your style, being an exhibitionist is welcomed. Find your spot in the after-hours room; make wild sex with your partner knowing so many of us are watching. Maybe you have not reached out and touched another couple or single, but you are swinging! You do not know what you do not know. Reach out this year for some exciting sexual play, some wonderful and accepting friends and the bonus is a stronger relationship with your partner and a healthy sense of self. See you at a party!