The gay community: The members from the gay community that we have had the pleasure of spending time with have given us so much enjoyment. They are open and honest with who they are, enjoy being accepted for who they are and know what friendships and relationships are all about. What a wonderful thing to see ‘couples’ together for such long periods. The strong family ties and the devotion and dedication they have for each other and their community always touches me. The first time we were invited to share in a community BBQ was to celebrate a friend running for office. Empress for the Carousel Ball. The food, the fun and the fellowship was uplifting. Every one was accepting, sexy and just plain pleasurable. 

Over the years we have shared the heartaches with many of our friends and the struggles just to be accepted. The political climate in our country still angers me because this country was founded on “we are all created equal”, but somehow that does not seem to be true. (ok no soap box)  We have friends who have been in the same relationship for over 20 years. They are a great couple and do enjoy some swinging time. However in the four years I have known him, he has not let me suck his dick. My husband can suck his dick but I can not. “You do not have hair on your face” is always his response. So once at the club when he was performing (as a Cycle Slut) I put on a fake mustache hoping things would go my way. He laughed so hard but still managed to get out a resounding NO.