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Traditionally, 'swinging' was defined as 'wife swapping'. This had a negative connotation, as if the wife was treated as property, or that they had little say in the activity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Swinging, often called the 'lifestyle', is a sexual activity involving non-monogamous (usually married) partners, and can include the following activities:
  • Two couples sharing partners
  • One couple and an additional person to form a threesome
  • Group sex - as the name implies, a group of people, not necessarily comprised only of couples. Typically group sex is a somewhat private affair, participants must ask to be included, or be invited in.
  • Orgy - group play where people can simply join in if they want (proper etiquette always applies).
Women in the lifestyle are treated with respect, both by their partners, and by other men. They usually have final say in how the play goes, and with whom (and often initiate the hookup). Swinging couples usually have good communication skills - if you can discuss having sex with other people, you can talk about anything.
I have read that the divorce rate for swingers is significantly lower than the general population (some say as low as 7%), and that seems to be the case in observing our circle of friends and family.
The way that swingers play is as varied as the number of swingers who play:
  • Straight - each person only plays with someone of the opposite sex
  • Bi - people include same-sex play. The level of interaction between people of the same sex can vary widely.
  • Closed - couples pair off in different rooms, so spouse aren't together in the same room when playing. This helps each person focus only on their play partner.
  • Open - Partners are in the same room, often on the same bed. Many couples like to watch each other and share the experience.
  • Voyeur/exhibitionist - Some like to watch or be watched.
  • Some include toys, porn and other stimulants
  • Many include aspects of other lifestyles in their play, such as slave/master, bondage spanking, etc.

How do swingers meet potential partners?
  • Local brick and mortar swinger clubs
  • Swinger parties and off-premise clubs arranged by a facilitator
  • Ads on swinger websites such as Kasadie and Lifestyle Lounge
  • Swinger and clothing optional cruises, such as those hosted by Couples Cruise
  • Swinger and clothing optional resort groups, such as those produced by Dream Pleasure Tours
  • Online groups in Facebook and other social media
  • Craigslist
  • Local and regional meet and greets
More observations about people in the lifestyle:
  • Illegal drug use is discouraged.
  • All potential participants must be in agreement as to whether they will play and how they will play. There is no coercion or 'taking one for the team'.
  • No means no. Any participant can stop the action at any time if s/he is uncomfortable. 
  • Cheating is still cheating - Most couples have boundaries or rules that they have agreed to. Sneaking, lying and cheating is still against the rules. Most couples will not knowingly play with cheaters.

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